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ART MUSINGS presents Strange and Sublime Addresses Curated by Ranjit Hoskote Featuring works by Gopikrishna | Maïté Delteil | Nilofer Suleman | Smriti Dixit 3 May – 27 June 2019

Art Musings carries the year-long five-show sequence celebrating the 20th anniversary of its founding into the gallery’s own space, continuing the celebration that began at the Jehangir Art Gallery in February ‘19 with The Opening Plenary, a show that presented works, all created especially for the occasion, by 20 artists whose careers the gallery has nurtured, whose experiments it has sustained, and with whom it has had close, mutually cherished associations.

The second exhibition in this cycle, Strange and Sublime Addresses opens on 3 May ’19 showcasing works of four artists: Gopikrishna, Maïté Delteil, Nilofer Suleman, and Smriti Dixit. The artists here demonstrate their ability to locate their addresses in plural scales and frames. Gopikrishna conjures into being a world populated by chimerical figures and oneiric tableaux. His magica lly inflected narratives are informed as much by mythology and folklore as by subconscious impulses towards individuation and the scission of consciousness. Maïté Delteil is keenly attuned to the rhythms of agrarian and horticultural life. Her paintings are infused with a visceral awareness of seasonal transitions, redolent with the sensuous enchantments of garden, orchard and teeming avian life. Nilofer Suleman is, at heart, a miniaturist creating a muraqqa or album. She approaches her paintings, also, with an anthropologist’s attentiveness to subtleties, a cartographer’s desire to compress the diversity of the universe into an atlas. Smriti Dixit delights in multiple media, working with textile, thread, mass-produced plastic objects and pigment. Her works often riff on recycling processes, and assume a variety of avatars that are by turns painterly, sculptural and performative.

The exhibition ends on 27 June ‘19. 


For further details, contact: Leena Atmakour

ART MUSINGS,  Admiralty Bldg, Colaba Cross Lane, Mumbai 400005

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