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An English style bakery by RMDK

Representing the changing face and aspirations of the youth, The Garden Bakery is designed to innovate and infuse a breath of fresh air into the stodgy humdrum of one of the oldest market vicinities in Lucknow. Conceptualized by RMDK as an authentic English bakery experience with the playfulness of modern aesthetics, this bake house radiates classy and chic relaxed vibes for everyone to enjoy and soak into.

Designed to embody the product’s essence of freshness and simplicity, this space is cozy, young and vibrant with an ingenious overlay of lines, colours and textures. Staying true to its name, The Garden Bakery brings the outside into the interiors with indoor planters and installations, recreating the humble yet refreshing picnics in an intricately planned and controlled environment. It is quite an alluring and endearing space that has the power to make one pause for a moment and lose themselves to the rhythm of that moment.

The desire to create a retail space that blurs the boundaries between vintage luxury and a modern sophistication led to a highly distinct material choice of birch ply along with exposed bricks, patterned floor tiles and sleek metal fixtures.

The minimal Forest green entrance with huge glazing, not only brings in natural light a plenty, but also perfectly frames its quirky interiors to create a strong visual intrigue; creating a sense of a free flowing, expansive space. The general selling area gives a look of a carefully organized and clean space, complimented by a dynamic ceiling and storage in seamless natural textured birch ply. Their natural contour inspired curvilinear paneling, with an interplay of different line spacing and orientations; along with an integration of warm, geometric yellow lighting fixtures and lush floating planters make for a welcoming, raw and organic ambiance.

The exposed brick wall, with a neat white plaster detailing bring in the charm of an English pub; further contrasted and highlighted by the yellow MDF back lit wall panels with delicate plants, the gleaming wall mirrors, the warm grey ceiling and the simple, re-interpreted Edwardian chandelier; together speak the language of contemporary art and luxury.

The peppy black and white patterned floor is well complemented by the suave woven wicker and wood furniture highlighting the retro influence while maintaining an ultra-modern appeal. The custom-made counter in Corian, with slick titanium coated steel fixtures and nimble rattan panels further integrate the whole space into a nonchalant, bold and scintillating sensory experience.

Aimed at creating an affable and calm atmosphere, The Garden Bakery is a welcoming space for anyone wanting to catch a break and unwind from the usual hustle bustle of the city.

RMDK : Ravish Mehra, Deepak Kalra

Address : Studio A-15 Second Floor, Lajpat Nagar 2, New Delhi, 110024

Ph : 011-48780000                                    Email :

Principal Architect : Deepak Kalra          Project Head: Dhruva Kalra

Project Name: The Garden Baker

Team Members: Sanjay Sah & Gursharan Kaur             

Display & Refrigeration products: Climaire


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