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An experience flagship store by Studio Sync

Located on Golf Course Road, Gurgaon, my Paperclip was conceived as an experiential flagship store, a space to experience the products and explore the opportunities of their corporate clients with an office. The biggest challenge with the project was 22 ft X 16 ft X 30 ft site, to tackle which the planning of the space has been done volumetrically to create an extraordinary experience.  

It consists of a retail space on the ground floor and a design studio on the mezzanine level. Both the spaces are connected with a mid-level transition bridge which acts like a discussion cum display area. From a compact 300 sq ft space, the levelled planning was able to extract approximately 850 sq ft area spread across 2.5 levels. The double-height entrance and the visual interaction between the mid mezzanine and retail area adds to the unique experience of the space.

The brand identity echoes throughout the design language of the experience centre, where each speck and corner reflects chic and minimalism. The fresh and vibrant colours of the stationary products enjoy more than just a glance as they sit against the muted backdrop of white, beige and grey furnishings and furniture. Exposed metal structure, staircase and railing with a solid wood flooring cohesively bring the space together to create a mindful experience, one that shuts off the mindless noise, the auto-pilot of the routine. The aim was to create a young and friendly semblance to customers and creating an identity that lingers on.

For further details contact:

Sync Design Studio

95, IDC, First Floor, Mehrauli Road, Gurgaon-122001

PH : 9540015755

Mypaperclip Flagship Store – Stationary Experience Center

Completion Date – 30-12-2018           Site Area – 352 Sq ft  

Design Team – Bhavuk Jain, Sandeep Singh Sagoo, Neha Singhal, Aman Lamba

Clients Name – Mr. Ajay Batra

Photographer – Mr. Rohan Dayal

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